Our Program

The Great Green Room is set on a fully fenced acre lot in Skyway. There is an expansive patio space for bike riding, an art station, block building and a sand kitchen. A large open field leads to a grove of evergreen trees that includes a slack line, disk swing, slides, stumps and space adventurous play! There is a large covered porch with an outdoor couch for reading and lots of manipulatives and toys for imaginative play. There is an outdoor sanitation station for hand washing and access to an indoor bathroom.

The primary mission of the Great Green Room is to help children develop social and emotional skills, creating a strong foundation from which to navigate their relationships with themselves and those around them. We are an all outdoor preschool. We offer a lot of free-play time. Free-play offers not only space for creativity, imagination and cooperation, but also conflict. When conflicts naturally arise, teachers are there to help the children constructively address the conflict and work to resolve it. We use Committee for Children’s social and emotional learning curriculum called Second Step to provide us with the tools to manage our own emotions and social interactions. We do Second Step lessons at circle time along with singing, stories and changing the calendar.

Much of our structure comes in the rhythm of our day, which includes learning self-care and care for our community. We have snack available when the kids arrive to give them energy for their busy day at preschool. After free exploration we have a clean-up time followed by a circle time and lunch.